• T-Shirt Cotton Nike

    Sold By: PRODUCTS

    Colour 7 Variations: Pink, Dark Green, Dark Navy Blue, Maroon, Light Blue, Black, White


    Panjang Lengan: Baju Lengan Pendek

    Collar Line: Bulat

    Panjang Baju: Normal, Regular


    Please gently hand wash and roughly rinse through the tshirt ALONE

    (WITHOUT SOAKING AND RUBBING!!!) for the first time using room temperate or cold water.

    Then, hang it dry.

    – Avoid hot water, harsh cleaning detergents or bleach!

    – Turn the clothes inside out and machine wash cold with a gentle cycle.

    – Separate darks and colored shirts from whites

    Sold By: PRODUCTS

    T-Shirt Cotton Nike


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